Monday, November 26, 2018

Why Journaling is Important & You Can Benefit From It

If you have an Instagram or Pinterest, I'm pretty sure you have came across a lot of journaling pictures. When I come across journaling pictures, I become so inspired and aware. As you know, to be aware, is to be alive.

There are many entires you can make when it comes to journaling. From logging your mood to just writing out your thoughts. My personal favorite is just writing out my thoughts and feelings but I've been really falling in love with bullet journaling. I love the drawings and the fact that you have the ability to log things in a bullet journal. It just sucks because I don't know how draw as good as the pictures I see on Pinterest of people's bullet journals. Enough of that though, I know you came here to learn why journaling is important for you.

Quick disclaimer: I'm not the owner of any of these photos. If you see your photo and would like your credit or it to be taken down, please don't hesitate to email me.

It  helps you become aware of your feelings. Let's be honest, sometimes we know that we are sad but are we really aware of our emotional rollercoasters? If you just simply make a mood tracker section within your journal, you'll notice how much your feelings are on this sort of rocky road. Being aware of your feelings is highly important because you are more so in control of taking the next step to make yourself feel better.

You can analyze your performance. Do you have a goal that you are looking to achieve? Well if you log and analyze your performance in your journal, you are able to see what necessary steps you need to take to accomplish that goal. Also you can become aware of how much you have been slacking or over working yourself. As you know, if you over work yourself, you can become stressed out and feel drained. However, when you slack or be lazy, you tend to let your goals slip away. 

It can help you become organized. Almost on a daily basis, we all all tend to let our thoughts over flow in our head. Sound weird, but it is true! When you jot your plans, ideas, feelings, etc, you'll be able to see everything from a different stand point, as well as become more organized and stop falling all over the place.

Affirmations. If you need a place to store your affirmations, putting them in your journal would be a good idea. 

Express your gratitude. Expressing your gratitude in your journal can honestly make you so much more happier.

You can release your emotions. Journaling gives you a chance to release any emotions that you have been letting build up. It can reduce any stress you may have.

You can self reflect or reflect on certain situations.

Tip: When journaling, please be honest with yourself. Don't try to perfect yourself. It is OKAY to be a mess because that's what help you grow and prevail. You will be able to look back and laugh at how much of a mess you were and see how you have grown so far. 

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