Wednesday, January 9, 2019

5 Essential Apps That Every Girl Boss Needs!

Sometimes our phones can be a huge necessity to our lives, especially if we find ourselves working off of them. Being a girl boss comes with many obstacles and responsibility. So that is why I am here to share with you 5 essential apps that every girl boss needs to keep her going.

1. Planoly. If you are into Instagram, this app is definitely for you. This app helps you plan your Instagram feed. It also gives you a live view of your feed and lets you add photos to give you an idea of how they will look on your feed.

2. Pinterest. The title seems a little self explanatory, you can pin your interests. That is not all the app is used for though. You can find so much inspiration on this app and I'm not even kidding. A great way for girl bosses to use Pinterest is to look at it as your online vision or mood board. You can make boards about almost anything. From travel pictures to fashion inspiration. You can even shop on this app which is amazing. Another thing is that Pinterest is a great platform for bloggers. You can grow your viewers and subscribers this way. I just started my blog back in November of 2018 and I already manage to get 2,000 viewers DAILY on my blog! Amazing right? This is one of my favorites. I suggest you all to check it out.

3. Trello. This app is good for organization. You can log any business plans that you may have. You can even make your to do list for the day. This app is really great for project management.

4. Concur. Not going to lie, this app really saved my life. You can use this app for either personal or business use. This app helps you track your expenses. You can manage your travel and expenses, have a place that holds your receipts, add attendees to business meetings or meals, and also track and submit car mileage. If you are out of the office and traveling, this app is definitely for you.

5. Fancy Hands. This is a virtual assistant app which is great for girl bosses. If you have something that needs to be done but you really don't have time to do it, request it through your virtual assistant, Fancy Hands. These are real people who will make calls for you, empty out your inbox, add important reminders to your calendar, and even order things online for you.

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