Tuesday, April 30, 2019

10 Things That GUYS Do That Girls DON'T Like!

Let's be real, men can do some things that make you head over heels. On the other hand, you get some men that do things that make you feel like "Why in the hell am I wasting my time?"

Here are 10 things that guys do that girls don't like:

1. Brag

This is probably the number one thing that we women dislike about guys. You work hard for the things that you have and we get that! Bragging, though, isn't very attractive to us. I most definitely don't like it when a guy brags because it makes me feel like you're trying to prove that you got. Then a guy would get mad if you ask them for something. Like, stop showing off! Let it show naturally... that way it wouldn't come off as bragging.

2. "Aye, shorty in the red shirt."

This is a big fat N-O. Would you like it if someone did that to you? Then what makes it worse is that some guys will yell it from the other side of the street! Instead, walk up to us, come up with something way better than "shorty in the red shirt" because I'm pretty sure that's not what's on our damn birth certificate! Now I get it, some girls are okay with guys talking to them with disrespect. Just because that's what SOME women in this day in age are okay with it, doesn't mean that every woman likes that. A piece of advice I can give you when trying to get a girl is to approach her with some respect. 

3. "Can I just stick the tip in?"

A lot of queens out there have gone through this. You're getting hot with a guy, yet, you are not ready to go to the "bedroom stage", so he begs you can you just let him stick the tip in. First of all, it would still be sex and for two, when they want to stick "just the tip in", believe me, they're going to stick more than the tip in. That's so annoying. If we're not ready, then we are simply not ready. As a guy, you don't have to deal with it if you are ready for sex, just don't waste our time. If you do want to be with a girl and she's not ready, you have to respect her wishes, period!

4. Waste our time!!!

Don't make us feel like we're going to be serious if we're not! You want to just date around, okay we get that. Just let us know upfront because if you don't, you can cause us to waste our time. Maybe we want something that you're simply not ready for, so just cut all ties. Then you want to call us crazy when we start getting in our feelings and catching feelings... well big fella you never let us know that you weren't trying to be serious. 

See this is a lot of things wrong with this generation. Instead of telling people what you're really looking for upfront, you beat around the bush. That is not cool, at all.

5. Texting "Wyd?" just to respond hours later.

Like my guy, what are you doing?! Don't spark up a conversation with me if you don't plan on texting back. If you're busy, don't bother texting because this will lead us to think you're free to talk.

6. Not wanting to go out.

Look here mister, we don't want to sit in your house all the time when we see you. Let's go bowling or something. We are tired of seeing your blue curtains in your bedroom! We want new scenery. This is what messes up the relationship.

7. Being insensitive when it comes to how we feel.

All we ask is that you be more in tune with our feelings. Instead of looking and saying "You'll be alright" try pulling us into a warm embrace and saying "We're going to get through this. I'm here for you" and MEAN IT! 

8. Trying to come back when we've moved on.

Sweetie, you had your chance. Don't come and try to come back when you see us happy... SIMPLE!

9. Leaving the toilet seat up.

Like why?????? Nobody wants to have to put the toilet seat down after you. 

10. Looks at their phones when we're talking to them.

Wanna know what's crazy about this? Most of the time when they do it, it's to look at something not as important as what you're talking to them about. Dude, pay attention! Then you wonder why we have attitudes.

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