Saturday, April 27, 2019

Must Have Accessories to Complete ANY Look

An outfit isn't anything without accessories! Accessories can definitely make or break a look. The only reason it would break it is if you don't know to match them with your outfit. Accessories can also make a statement! I love them so much.

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Earrings will definitely make a girl feel whole. What I love about them is that they come in a bunch of shapes, sizes, colors, and different looks. It's really good that when earrings were made that they didn't just focus on making diamond ones.


Necklaces can really pull a look together. I really became obsessed with layered necklaces. They can pretty much go almost any look. Like you can pair a regular necklace or a choker with a dress!


Rings + a fresh nail set= a LOOK!

Hair pins

Until this became a trend, I had no idea that they can go with a lot of different hairstyles. You can wear them with low buns and even when your is down.

Watches/Bracelets/ Bangles

 These give you that classy feeling! You don't even have to get really expensive watches. 

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