Sunday, June 16, 2019

How to Get Over a Breakup

If you're reading this, I'm pretty sure you want to learn how to get over a breakup.

Breakups and getting over an ex is hard.

There were times where I was sitting crying not knowing what to do next because my heart was so broken. I've been in a situation where I felt like I couldn't live without my ex. It's sad, but it's true. I developed strong feelings for him at a young age (15), so I was really messed up when everything went down. To tell the truth, he hurt me to the core.

I'm not even sure how I was so blind that I couldn't see that he was a compulsive liar and cheater. He made so many excuses over the littlest things. This is not to say that I was so perfect, however, I was good to him. I was putting in so much effort to make us work when I shouldn't have/

My ex was sleeping around with girls and telling them he never had a girlfriend. I found out this through one of the girls he was messing with. Apparently, she thought I was the side chick which was understandable on her part because she never knew we were together. With all that being said, ya girl was crushed.

Just to clarify some things, we were dating. He even told asked me to be his girlfriend. 

Even after we broke up, he still came back. And guess what dumbo here did? I allowed him to come back each and every time. It eventually got worse and I got even weaker when it came to him, so, I decided enough was enough. It was time to take my life back and love myself.

So what happens to you when you're going through a breakup?

When you go through a breakup, you can't stop thinking about all the times you've shared with your ex. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, however, it can be especially when you know you're supposed to be getting over them.

So, you ready to get over your break up?

Delete all of the memories.

Yes I know, this probably isn't something that you want to do. If you did already, good for you! Holding on to those mementos can become toxic for you. Every time you see a memory, it starts off with thinking of all the good times and getting sad AF, then it turns around to you thinking about the bad times and the heartbreak, which can still be sad AF. I feel like there is no win-win when it comes to you keeping those memories.

Talk about it.

I feel like this is what everyone doesn't do enough. When I went through my rough break up, I talked to so many people about it. They actually helped me feel better. Also, from telling the story over and over, I was able to actually break it down and analyze everything to where I was able to pull some lessons out of the relationship.

Get out of the house.

Stop sitting in your hidey-hole and get out of the house. Make some plans, go out with the ones that make you happy. Instead of dwelling on the relationship, focus on YOURSELF and your happiness. Just getting out and getting some fresh air helps you take your mind off the situation.


We all have those temptations where we want to lurk on our exes social media pages, however, we don't understand how that could suck us right back in. You don't need to be checking on what your ex is doing and they don't need to be doing the same thing to you. Just because you've blocked someone doesn't make you mean, in fact, look at it as you're aren't allowing anything in your life that no longer serves any purpose to you.

Don't talk down on your ex.

Everyone loves good talk. This does not mean every chance you get, you should talk shit about your ex. In the end, you'll wind up feeling guilty. Also, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be very pleased to hear if your ex talked shit about you. You'll get amped up and be ready to argue or possibly fight. With that being said, avoid all negative talk about your ex because you get back what you put out.

Avoid drunk texting. 

If you feel the need to drunk text, have your friend take your phone, immediately! There's no need of saying things you don't mean and end up regretting them later.

It is okay to need your friends.

When breakups occurred in the past, I just thought I'll be fine dealing with it alone. No matter if you think you're are the strongest person emotionally, a breakup can cause you to feel worthless. Surround yourself around people that love you, care about you, and want to see you do better. They will make you feel valued. Don't think you're in it alone because you're not!

Take things slowly.

You just ended a relationship... why would you want to move quickly with the next one? Don't hurt your own feelings by trying to quickly feel that emptiness that was once there. Take things slowly so you can figure out if you that's what you want, or not.
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