Saturday, August 17, 2019

CHIT CHAT | Life Update + New Phone No. 2

Welcome back to another post of the 'Chit Chat' series. Even though this is my second post, I love writing them. If you haven't read my first post, check it out here!  

I've decided to make these every month because let's be honest, so much can happen within a month. Well, I know so much happens within a month in my life!

Let's get into it...

  • Work has been completely kicking my ass! All I mostly do is come right in the house, take my clothes off, and go to sleep. I hate it because I know I'm supposed to be making blog posts and on my off days, all I want to do is watch Grey's Anatomy and lay in the bed.

  • So, I have been going out a lot. It feels amazing to get out and be surrounded by other great energy. If you know me personally, you know that I'm a complete homebody. I don't like really getting out too much so this was a huge step for me. 

  • My credit score went up by 29 points! This is a huge milestone for me. I've been working on my credit so that when it's time for me to move, I'll be good. Building your credit is very important. It's good if you want to get any major loans or even looking to buy a house.

  • I got a juicer and I went and got some groceries for it so that I can do a juicing cleanse. I'm super excited because I never did anything like this!

  • I got another job! I'm super excited about this job because it pays well and offers some wonderful benefits. I just want to say how I am so grateful for this job because you all have no idea how long I've been looking for a job like this. Ya girl can make more and work towards bigger goals like getting my dream car and apartment. 

Going through all the things that I went through for the past 7 months makes me so proud when I look back. If you would've told me that “everything is going to be okay” a while ago, I swear I wouldn't even believe you. I went through a deep depression. No, I didn't want to go through it but at that moment, it just happened, and I had no idea how to fix it. I'm so blessed now that I have gained opportunities to turn my life completely around. 

Things I've learned.

You have to sometimes get uncomfortable to get to where you need to be. There are a few things in life that I am personally doing to get to where I want to be. Like, I'm planning to work two jobs that way I can balance everything out. Now, I'm not saying you have to work two jobs, however, you may have to do something that you're uncomfortable doing to make your life better.

For example, if you are used to being taken care of and you don't have that anymore, then you would have to get used to working to provide for yourself.

Patience is the key. I'm very impatient when it comes to just about everything. It took me to endure a lot of trials and tribulations to learn that I have to learn how to be patient. I always expect everything to go very fast-paced for me and sometimes there is nothing wrong with that, but I had to consider the fact that everything is not going to move super duper fast for me. 

Put in the work! There have been many times when I expected things to happen for me but I never put in the work. When you put in the work, the rewards follow. I remember wanting so many things to come from my blog, but I was never on it when it came to consistently update my blog. Once, I really started putting in some effort to change my blog around, I started seeing rewards from it.

Don't let things get the best of you. Getting worked up over something that isn't going to be relevant in the next 24 hours, is not good for you. Let it go!

Tone out the negativity. If you don't already know this, other people's energy can rub off on you! If you're surrounded by negativity, you might want to put a lot of effort into protecting your energy.

New things I've got.

 I'm so in love with my wallpaper, btw.

Soooooooooooo, I recently got a brand-new phone. I put my iPhone 8 plus to the side and got the iPhone X. Not going to lie, I was frustrated with this change at first because I didn't know how to work the phone, I wasn't used to not having a home button, and I had to get used to the overall feel of the phone. Now that I am used to it, I love it! My phone has a whole business feel to it and I'm all for it.

I went online shopping and got a bunch of new pieces from Fashion Nova and Forever 21 so please be on the lookout for a fashion haul post with pictures! I'm getting back into the groove of treating myself to clothes.

I got these groceries for my juicer and to eat. Even though it was kind of expensive, I'm happy that I got them. I do need some more veggies though. If you know some good juice recipes that include veggies that you don't see in this picture, please let me know!

Things I've Tried.

  • Well, I've been using my new juicer and I love it! The red juice includes watermelon, granny smith apples, and pineapples. The green juice includes pineapple, kale, mint, granny smith apples, and blueberries. They were both amazing. Incorporating 100% juices into my diet has been making me feel good. I have more energy and my skin has this glow. Playing with my juicer is fun but drinking the juices are even better!

  • I am transitioning to becoming vegetarian but I really had to try this chicken sandwich before I completely cut out meat. The hype is definitely real. This sandwich is fireeeeeeeee. This is the spicy sandwich just in case you all want to try it. 


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