Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Femininity - How To Be Feminine

Being a woman, especially a single woman, you typically have to get dirty and do pretty much everything on your own.

These things can relate to working, paying bills, or just providing in general.

Doing too many things of that nature can enhance your masculinity.

I want you all to understand that being masculine doesn't always have to deal with men.

Some men aren't even masculine themselves.

Masculinity is more of an energy and a trait; it does not have to do with gender. It represents dominance, independence, toughness, and even control.

What is feminine energy?

Feminine energy is being softer, accepting, and receiving.

It is beautiful when you're in your feminine energy.

Not going to lie, I love seeing feminine women. It makes me happy to see that. To be honest, seeing women like that raises my vibration and energy as well.

So you want to be more feminine?

Whether you want to attract a man of high value, a change of friends, or you just want to be more feminine for yourself, I've got all the tips that can help you on your journey to femininity!

Understand that femininity isn't something that happens overnight, especially when you possess traits of masculinity, or even when having habits that take away from your feminine side.

Habits that you may have that can take away from your feminine side can include but are not limited to, cursing, popping your mouth, being unhygienic, being loud, and being messy.

Stop seeing your femininity as a weakness, see it as a superpower!

1. Take care of your hygiene.

Your hygiene is vital! Bad health is unpleasant, and nobody wants to be around that.

Take care of yourself!

Brush your teeth twice a day, floss, and shower or bathe often!


Also, invest in a teeth whitening treatment. 

2. Nails & Toes.

Upkeeping your nails and toes can spruce up your appearance. 

Invest in that! I understand that it's quarantine time right now, so everybody isn't able to get these things done, being said, look up on YouTube how to do something like this yourself.

Having extremely long nails can be represented as ghetto and ratchet. 

3. Adjust your posture.

Slouching, while sitting down, takes away from your physique. When you sit up straight and hold your head up shows how confident you are and makes you look much more approachable. 

4. Smile more.

Smiling gives you more of a warm and soft look. It makes you look happy.

Now I know that some women may not feel as comfortable smiling as other women do. Maybe you don't like smiling because your teeth may be crooked. Perhaps it's because your teeth aren't as bright as you want them, or you just don't like your smile. 

Whatever it is, I encourage you to take the necessary steps you have to do to get this problem fix. Your smile plays an essential role in being feminine.

5. Eye contact.

I know that giving eye contact is hard. Sometimes when I try to do this, I get nervous and hot, I start to act weird.

Something about having to give eye contact makes me so shy.

Being able to give eye contact shows you're present.

It's seductive, and it's sexy.

6. Learn how to take compliments.

I'm one who has the habit of not knowing how to take a compliment.

Someone could tell me, "You look beautiful today," and I would respond with something along the lines of "Really? I don't think so, but thanks."

That is so unattractive and can make someone feel like you've disregarded what they said.

Also, it can come off as if you're discrediting yourself. Confidence plays a significant role in what boosts your femininity.  Even if you don't feel like you look great, act like it!

The bottom line, it's rude.

7. Dress up more.

I get it, we love dressing comfortably in our sweats in gym shoes, but it's time to ditch it.

I'm not saying that you can't ever wear them again, however, switch it up a little bit.

You can wear blouses, skirts, and heels.

Expand your closet and look into how feminine women dress.

8. Expand your vocabulary.

Your choice of terms and how you speak is what represents you as a woman.

Get rid of the slang and cursing. It's not ladylike at all.

Ever wonder why some men treat you one of the guys on the block?  Your vocabulary could be one of the reasons following along with the way you carry yourself.

To them, you're just a typical hood girl.

9. Learn how to say please, and thank you.

Your manners are everything. Be polite, it shows that you have respect for yourself and others.

I wish you ladies the best of luck on your journey to femininity. I know that you're going to have some bumps in the road, and that is okay.

You have to work on breaking old habits while incorporating your new ones.

This may be my first post on femininity, but it will not be my last. Stay tuned.


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