Wednesday, June 3, 2020

How to Turn Your Blog Into a Professional Business

There are an estimated 500 million blogs in existence. As an increasingly popular medium for creating and sharing content, the demand for blogs isn’t going anywhere. There are dedicated blogs in every niche, and bloggers are continuously seeking to expand their audience reach.

Blogs are not only a lifestyle or social commentary platform; they are now an essential aspect of any business’s digital strategy. Companies who run a blog get 97% more links to their websites than companies who don’t. Blogging itself is now a viable business.

Whether you run a personal blog for fun, or you wish to start one as a business venture, there is potential to earn significant revenue. Here are seven tips for turning your blog into a professional business.

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  1. Find your niche.

To become successful and to contribute value to your audience, you must be able to solve a problem or an issue. A practical method of doing this is to establish a niche or a theme for your blog. This gives it consistency and readability, which makes your blog useful and authoritative.
Finding a niche also gives the content creator a more precise focus and perspective for their work.

  1. Know your audience.

To draw in traffic and solve particular issues effectively, you must first define your audience. Knowing your audience and what they are searching for online gives you the data you need to create your content. 
Do keyword research and create SEO based content to drive organic traffic to your site.
Sites such as, provide excellent free tools for keyword research and SEO based marketing.

  1. Create content using excellent writing.

Quality copywriting is the key to great content. It’s a common misconception that keywords and enticing headlines are all that are needed to draw large audiences to your webpage. Google algorithms have evolved beyond this point and now favor authoritative sites with quality content. 

  1. Treat your blog as a business.

If you want to leap from small-time blog to professional business, take actions that reflect this. Such measures may include:
  • Buying an official domain.
  • Keeping official accounts.
  • Creating a business plan and marketing strategy.
  • Maintaining an annual budget.

There are useful tools available to help an individual with a professional approach. Websites like, provide business document templates, making this process much more manageable.

  1. Utilize social media.

Using social media as a support aid is an essential step in creating a successful professional blog. Social channels provide access to a wide range of people who can be easily referred to your site. 

  1. Create an online store.

Adding a store to your blog site forces you to take a professional approach. It can raise your revenue significantly, increasing the potential of your website from a professional standpoint. 

  1. Consistency.

You are likely to experience setbacks and even failures along the way. However, these mustn’t derail your business. Stay consistent, work hard, and follow your plan. Sticking to the strategy consistently is key to getting through any tough times and establishing yourself as a professional business. 

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