Meet Zakia

Zakia is an outgoing  Chicagoan with a lot of creativity. Growing up in Chicago, Zakia always wanted to be a writer. At the age of 14 after watching the movie "Radio Rebel", she became inspired to do a podcast. Of course, this didn't happen because she had no idea what to do or how to start. She also was inspired to start a blog after watching the Disney Channel original movie "Frenemies". She still carried this passion up until college. As a freshman in college, Zakia noticed that she was an amazing writer when her college professor really showed interest in her essays. She aced all of her essays except on. She got a B on one essay. Her college professor really gave her some instructive criticism to help her improve as a writer. When Zakia noticed that her writing was very good and she had a lot of people messaging her on Pinterest and Instagram, she had a light bulb moment. Zakia thought about following through with one of her many passions to start blogging. And that is exactly what she did. Zakia also aspires to be a YouTuber, a journalist, to create her own clothing and lingerie line, and to write her own book one day!

A Sprinkle of Zakia
So what exactly is "A Sprinkle of Zakia" all about? This is a lifestyle and fashion blog. You will see a lot of tips, advice, lifestyle hacks, and fashion. You will also get a glimpse of Zakia's personal life.


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