Friday, June 14, 2019

My Fashion Wishlist

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

By me being the fashion junkie that I am, I decided to put together and show you my unrealistic yet realistic fashion wishlist.

The reason I said unrealistic yet realistic is because some of these things aren't within my budget, however, some of them are. 

I wanted to indulge in just showing you guys my wishlist because ya girl can't just splurge on things, okurrr? But, if someone wants to gift one of these items to me, I wouldn't mind *cough cough*.

These can also serves as gifts for someone or you can buy them for yourself.

Now that we got that out the way, let's get into this list honey.


Black Milkmaid Crop Top

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Levi's Mile High Super Skinny Jeans

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Ready to Roll Belted Utility Romper

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Image from

Image from


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Image from

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

How to Grow Your Email List

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Email lists are extremely vital when it comes to growing your blog or business. It's the one thing that you have 100% CONTROL OVER.

Did you know that the average person checks their email about 15 times per day? No? Well, now you do!

As a blogger/business owner, building your email list should be a top priority next to producing high quality content and products.

For so long, I've always put more of my focus on producing content, which is good, however, not trying to build an email list was no good when it came to my blog. See, I was trying to convert people to become permanent readers on my site, instead, I just ended up with viewers who have looked at maybe one post, then left my site. Guess what? A lot of those people probably didn't even remember my site that well to come back and check it out because I didn't focus on building my email list enough to even try to build that connection with them. This is why it is best to build an email list! This helps a potential audience member come back.

Most bloggers/businesses always put so much effort into their social media platforms such as, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube. They don't realize how important an email list is so they tend to overlook it.

If you are one of those people, let me explain something to you. You're in ownership of any of those those social platforms you use. I'm not saying they're not beneficial, however you don't have much control over them, so if they were to such down, there's nothing you can do about it. Believe me! You know what you do have control over? Your email list! The list is yours. This means you can always connect with your readers, anytime.

Another thing that I would like to let you in on is that, there's no guarantee that your followers will see your posts. According to how these algorithms are changing, only a small percentage of your followers will see your posts. And good luck with trying to make the explore or recommended page, because that can be very challenging. The only way to get a bigger percentage of users to see your posts, is to pay money to promote them and I'm sure you probably don't want to do that.

To ensure long term success with your blog or business, you need to build your email list.

So what are some things can you do with your email list & how can you grow it?

When it comes to being a blogger, it is highly imperative that you update your subscribers when you've published. This is a great way to keep the traffic coming in.

Your email list is a great way to promote affiliate offers or even your own products. Yes, you heard it here folks, you can use your email list to generate an income.

You can strengthen your connection with your readers. If we're being honest, when people are viewing your blog, they're looking for something to help them out. With that being said, this is when connection comes into play. You can put a pop up on your site using Constant Contact to collect their emails and start consistently reaching out to them. Then once they see you're consistent with emailing them and updating them on everything that has to do with your blog, the connection starts to strengthen. In a long run, this can help you out when you're ready to start offering products and services on your site.

Grow your social accounts. Do you know if your readers are following you on your social media platforms? I'm pretty sure you just answered no. If you properly use your email list with having buttons that link to you social accounts, you can get them to follow you!

Help grow your audience with Constant Contact email marketing

Running contests is another great way to use your email list. You can even use your social accounts to convert people to your email list.

Pop ups. These are the key to getting new readers to join your email list. If you don't have a "Subscribe to our mailing list" pop up on your site, you need to! This will grow your list, so I advise you to hop on the pop up train, NOW.

Ready to start building your email list?

Now I know it may be hard trying to find out what email building service to use when it comes to growing your email list. You don't want something that's extremely difficult to use, especially if you're a beginner.

Constant Contact  is easy to navigate. They have drag-and-drop templates which makes it easier for you to create your emails and send them out. You don't have to spend days trying to create the 'perfect' email, with their simple features, you get it done efficiently and it provides a very professional look and feel.

You want to know the best part? They offer a 60-day free trial! You also do NOT have to put in your credit card info. You actually get to test it out before you decide whether or not it's right for you. This also gives you a head start on growing your email list, so you're pretty much getting the reward without taking the risk.

You can use the free trial period to strengthen your relationship with your audience and improve communication with your audience. 

They offer advanced tracking and features. Beginners, don't fret, this is great for you to use too! This just helps you advance your skills. You can even use the advanced features during the trial version, so like I said before, you are taking no risk, however, you're getting the reward. 

Last, but certainly not least, you don't have to type up a million times and send it to each user individually. All you have to do is type up an email ONCE and send it to your entire EMAIL LIST, or you can just simply send it to whatever group of your subscribers you want to send it to. Doesn't that sound much better? I, for one, think it does. 

Get started today. No credit card required during the free trial.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Anxiety & Nervousness: How to Deal With It

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Let me start off by saying that anxiety and nervousness are two completely different things. You can diagnosed with anxiety, however, being nervous is something that we all tend to experience from time to time.

I have been having really bad anxiety lately, and trust me, it has not been nice at all. It leads me to become overly frustrated and overwhelmed. It's not easy dealing with these things sometimes.

It is normal to deal with these two things. Don't feel left out. Maybe not every single person goes through it, but just know you're not alone! I want to be able to share information to help you cope with the both of these.

Before diving into this, you have to ask yourself, what makes you nervous? What makes you anxious?

I'm going to tell you a few things that makes me nervous and anxious: being around a huge crowd of people, getting attacked with a million questions, and super serious talks about my life and future. Also, when it rains really badly, my anxiety goes through the roof.

I know that the things that gets me in that state are crazy considering the career path that I am taking. See I know that I'm going to have to be around a huge crowd of people. I'm going to get asked a million questions, and I'm going to have super serious talks with people about my life and future.

 I believe these things bring out my anxiety and me being nervous because I fear these things. I am AFRAID! No matter how confident I may seem, I still have a bunch of fears behind all of this. Don't get me wrong, I am working on all of these things for plenty of reasons. One being that the career path I am taking will require these, and for two, I don't want to be this way my entire life. I want to get over these fears so I can literally dominate these things!

Now that you know what gets my anxiety and nervousness going, let me share with you some tips that have helped me with mine that could potentially help you with yours.

Disclaimer: What works for me may or may not work for you. I ask that you at least give it a try before you form your opinion on whether it works or not for you!

Take a moment to stop and breathe. Sometimes we just get so overwhelmed, we forget to stop and take time and breathe. Focus on your breaths. This will help you calm down. Clear your mind of whatever is worrying you. Think about positive things. When your anxiety starts taking over, please stop everything, and breathe. This will calm your anxiety.

Two choices; let it go or deal with it. See this is a problem we all tend to have most of the time. We have our problems and we keep talking about it, however, we do not deal with them nor try to deal with them. The next time you have a problem that makes your anxiety or you being nervous kicks in, either deal with it or let it go. Once you choose one of these choices, you can now shift your energy to the state of being calm.

Talk to someone. Talking to someone helps you cope with a lot of things. You never know how one conversation can turn out. For example, if you are nervous about something, talk to someone because you never know if they have tips to help you with whatever you're nervous about, or they can be dealing with something similar. If they're dealing with something similar, it gives you a sense of peace because you know that you're not the only one dealing with these things.

Aromatherapy. This helps keep you calm and focused. You can try a diffuserincenseor candles. 

Try yoga. Sometimes the best thing to do when you're anxious is to focus on your body. Yoga will help you do that as well as relieve a lot of stress.

Seek professional help. If you need further help, try to get you a therapist. Professional help can really help you. Don't think of it as telling a stranger your problem, think of it as telling someone who cares about your problems. These people live by helping others and making them feel better.