Sunday, July 7, 2019

How to Stop Procrastinating & Get Work Done!

how to stop procrastinating and get work done

Procrastinating is something we all do very well. 

Maybe you want to start working from home so that you can live your life more comfortable and be able to set your own hours. Maybe you just don't want to work a retail job for the rest of your life. Whatever the case may be, procrastinating will not get you there.

Look, I'm just like you, I put things off all the time! To keep it real with you, I could've been living in my dream place on my way to driving my dream car, but I kept putting my tasks that would get me there off to the side. Now, I often get stuck dwelling on what or where I could've been instead of putting myself in the mindset that all these things are still possible.

To beat procrastination, you have to identify it for what it really is. I like to think of it as resisting, something that keeps you from doing what needs to be done. You know you have things that have to be done, however, you avoid it as much as you can. That could be because the work is so important, that you're afraid to do it. Whether it's a big project, paperwork, or even homework that you have to get done and it means a lot to you, you're probably going to feel some resistance there that causes you to procrastinate.

For example, I feel resistance when I have to create and schedule blog posts or work on my eBook. All the ideas I have would stay on my mind 24/7 but I just could never bring myself to do work on these things. Instead, I get on Instagram and scroll for hours. Like now, I've been attempting to revamp my blog and graphics, but it still took me a while before I actually sat down, focused, and worked on it.

For the last couple of days, I've been able to get these things done because I disciplined myself. There are a lot of techniques that have helped me overcome my procrastination parade. Wanna find out? Keep reading!

glasses journal pens and keyboard

1. Take action!

Yes, this may sound simple but it can be really difficult.

"Waiting for perfection, means you'll be waiting forever."

You may be waiting for things to be 'perfect' before you take action, truth is, you'll never know whether it's perfect or not until you have taken the steps to get things done.

Ask yourself, "what is the smallest step I can take towards this goal?" Make that first step so small and easy that it only takes a few seconds to do. The goal is to break down your tasks as small as you can.

2. Clarify your goal.

If you have an idea of what you want to do and what is it going to take to get there but you're lacking in taking action (haha. that rhymes), you, my friend, are procrastinating.

First, you need to make your goals crystal ball clear. Maybe you want to start a blog. If so, then your goals should look something like this:

1. Figure out your niche.
2. Find a host.
3. Purchase your domain.
4. Set up your blog's theme.
5. Plan content.
6. Set up 'about me' page.

I'm probably missing a few but I'm pretty sure you get the point.

Getting clear of your goals and preparing it before you launch, can help you feel motivated to keep going.

pink roses

3. Give yourself a deadline followed with a reward.

Pick out a task and get started on it. When you finish the task, reward yourself with something that'll get you amped up to complete more of your tasks. The reward can be something along the lines of a new dress, a spa day, or even the night on the town. Don't go overboard though because you don't want to go bankrupt before you complete all your goals.

If you keep following the 'completing tasks then rewarding yourself' process, you'll be sure not to procrastinate so much.

weekly planner

4. Track your progress.

Before I started tracking my progress, I would give up on my goals rather quickly. I felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything. I never kept tabs on anything I was doing so I would become unclear on what to do next and it made it easier for me to turn my back on what was important to me.

Tracking your progress is very objective. You can do this by creating a chart or having a planner. Doing so every week can stop the resistance of not wanting to do it because you'll see how far you've come and how much more you got left to go. This can put you in a motivational 'I can take on anything' type of mindset.

watch and pink rose

5. Set an end time.

What I usually like to do is tell myself that I'll work on what I have to get done for the next hour or so. After the time is up, I can stop.

Setting that time gives me a good space to work in so I don't feel overwhelmed about everything. When my time is up, I've already built up the momentum to want to keep going. Even once you built your momentum, you can give yourself the option to stop or keep going. You never want to completely deplete yourself by overworking. Either way, you still got something done and that's all that matters.

cupcakes on plate sitting next to glasses and coffee

6. Set the mood.

You can do things to set the mood which helps you to focus and actually work. Music is a great way to start it off. I like to listen to beats for relaxing and studying. It sets the perfect tone for me while I'm working.

What is the ideal space that you would like to work in? Once you've answered that, create that space!

You can also try cleaning up your workspace and lighting a candle. This gives you more room to work. 

What I like to do is make a nice cup of hot black tea, play my music, and have some snacks ready. I have everything I need so I can sit down and get to work.

7. Journal.

One thing that always makes it hard for me to work... is that I have a million things on my mind, which leads me to become distracted. If you feel the same way, try journaling a few pages about the things that are on your mind. Think of it as all your thoughts are pouring out of your head and onto the paper. This helps you start off relaxed and ready to work.

Those are my tips on how to beat procrastination. If you have any tips of your own that you don't see within this post, feel free to comment them below. I'm always looking for new ways to beat procrastinating and I'm sure your tips will help me. 

Where there is hard work, there is resistance.

how to stop procrastinating


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